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Much talk about little code

Much talk about little code

Walking the beaten path

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Walking the beaten path

On why we do similar things...

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Marco Shimomoto
·Apr 9, 2022·

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I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original.

It is hard to be original, but we try. Most times we are re-hashing or repurposing things and ideas.

I remember Stephen King's story "Secret Window, Secret Garden" (it was turned into an OK-ish movie, but the book is better), where a writer is accused of plagiarism and things got really dark. I think everyone that puts out creative work has had that fear... At least I have.

Writing a blog is not original, things I spend time with are also past time for many, work I do is similarly produced by others. But my ideas, connections, values, and imagination may make things original enough, hopefully never dull.

I will be writing more about things I am learning, creating, and experiencing. And please forgive me for my oftentimes professor tone.

NOTE: Also expect me to write about music I find, games I fell in love with, pictures I took, comics I read, and other life little things.

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